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Window Cleaner Falls

23 April 2013

April 15th 2013  A WINDOW cleaner was left dangling after he
tumbled down the side of a Surfers Paradise
apartment building this morning.
About 8.50am, emergency crews were called to a
report a window cleaner was hanging upside down
about five floors up the Soul building on The
Witnesses said the rope snapped at the 76th floor
and he fell, hitting the glass balustrade on the sixth
Paramedics reported the man righted himself before
rescuers arrived and was met at the sixth level by
He suffered serious lacerations to the right side of
his body and legs and the skin on his arm was sliced
back to nearly the bone, according the witnesses.
He was taken to Gold Coast Hospital with non-life
threatening injuries.
Both paramedics and police said the man did not
lose consciousness throughout the ordeal.

TV work for a window cleaner

10 February 2015

Budget 2015

18 May 2015

Good budget for Small Business

The vast majority of window cleaners have businesses with less than $2 million and this is where the budget is aimed.

So now is the time to buy assets for your business that can cost less than $20 000 and claim them as full tax deductions immediately . It was $1000. This is available until June next year. Window cleaning does not require much to operate so the advantages here are limited. It saves around a third of the expense but this will depend on your tax rate. Possibilities  are a second hand car or equipping a new office.

The other benefit was the reduced tax.  For incorporated businesses, meaning that they are trading as a company, their tax rate falls from 30% to 28.5%. For those unincorporated businesses and that again that is the vast majority of window cleaning businesses, they get a 5% tax discount up to $1000 a year.

Australia is proportionately second to the USA in starting small businesses and so all these changes will help drive this further.