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The Shelter Services division of TACNA is dedicated to providing tailor-made solutions for our clients. Since 1983, Tacna was helping foreign corporations simplify Mexico’s manufacturing through its innovative shelter design solutions. It also offers industrial design and industrial drafting services, and industrial design software solutions. These innovative business concepts are driven by rigorous technical analysis and sophisticated engineering principles. Our products are designed for easy installation and use and to ensure maximum efficiency. This results in reduced waste and improved profitability.

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The Shelter Services division of TACNA is specialized in providing Mexico businesses with shelters that comply with Mexican environmental laws. Since 1983, TACNA continually has refined its shelter services in response to the growing needs of the Mexican market. In response to economic, social and environmental developments, the division has developed a unique, proprietary approach that takes into account these concerns, while providing quality shelters that meet stringent government standards. TACNA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Corte Financiera, a Spain-based company that specializes in the manufacture of outdoor furniture and other outdoor accessories. This company also works closely with leading designers from Mexico and the rest of Latin America. The Shelter Services division is led by Diego Veliz, an award winning architect with more than 25 years of experience in designing commercial and residential buildings both here in the USA and abroad.

For any large or small business seeking a superior Mexican shelter service provider, it would be wise to evaluate both the quality of products offered and the reputation of each of the companies involved in the TACNA division. The Shelter Design Center is one of the most visited sites on the internet, as well as one of the most popular international destinations. Hundreds of thousands of individuals from all over the world visit this site each day. Mexico’s Shelter Service providers are renowned throughout the world for their innovation and style, and the high standards they maintain. If you have any questions about this particular Mexico-based company, you can visit the website at anytime.